Thursday, January 29, 2015

DC Announces New Batman & Justice League Animated Features & Shorts

In a move to better connect their toylines to their superhero properties, DC is coming out with new combinations of cartoons. One featuring Batman and other heroes from his Universe. I like how they did a bit of a redesign on Red Robin and Nightwing. Finally we get to see the two of them together in a Batman cartoon. They have a very cool relationship in the comics that I hope this new cartoon will play upon. At one time they BOTH were Robin so their is some sibling rivalry there. Of course nothing like it was when Damian arrived but that is another story.

Super Friends is a concept that has long been in need of a revival. I hope they use this to branch off into a larger universe of heroes. I loved when the had Black Vulcan and the rest of the new characters on screen. I will be interested in seeing what the toy line looks like.

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Mike said...

Both of these look nightmarish. I want to cry I hate this so much