Saturday, January 24, 2015

More Memes About Me

50 Oddly Interesting Questions
  • 1:Do you sleep on a blanket over your mattress with another blanket on top, or with just one blanket on top of you?

I have a whole system but I sleep on a thick duvet. I love the idea of twenty blankets under me like the Prince and the Pea. I like something light on top because when I heat up I am like a furnace generating the BTUs. Need a fan for the air and the white noise it generates. Don't get me started on the number of pillows I have.
  • 2:Personally, what do you believe happens when a person dies?
We leave this hell that is Earth and that is all. All we know or have ever seen dies with us. Just like it did for the replicants at the end of Blade Runner. Oh that we could be so poetic at the end. Only at the end do we understand the truth.

  • 3:If faced with the opportunity, would you ever kill a criminal whom you don't know if it meant you could get anything you want in return? (Keep in mind you do not/can not know what said criminal has done to become a criminal until after you've made your decision)
To get anything I want? I would need more info for that. The punishment must fit the crime.
  • 4:The funniest nickname you can come up with for _________ ?
 Fluffy the cat. I call him Honey Lemon now. He knows why.

  • 5:What type of art could you always appreciate but never see yourself actually doing?
Dancing. Even though I could have been a beautiful Shumka Dancer but my Mother didn't love me enough to find me the classes.

  •  6:You've been given the option to choose how the human race reproduces. How would we reproduce, which sex would bare children, and how would we bare them? (Eggs, litters, etc)
What is wrong with the system we have now? I wish you didn't first have to be nice and buy them dinner before mating but that is the way things are. It should be like it was on the Simpsons with Kang or Kodos the aliens. Just sit beside a woman like Marge and in seconds (bing bang boom) she is with alien spawn.

  • 7:What's the weirdest thing you've ever experienced, may it be just reading about it or experiencing it in the flesh?
I have seen things you people wouldn't believe....nothing, however that was anything more than a trick of the light and all had a rational explanation. There is nothing supernatural in this world much to my chagrin.
  • 8:You can choose any world to go to from any book, movie, video, fanficion, etc, and the option to become the main character. Where would you go, and would you be involved in the main story, or just watching on the sidelines?
Of course I go to Arrakis and lay the smack down on the Emperor and the Baron for what they did to my father. However, I avoid the Jihad that later grew up around my name and I would lead humanity away from my Golden Path. Now if you know what that means then you are my people.

  • 9:What is one thing in this world you would get rid of if you knew it'd be erased from the entire history of the human race?
Poverty. Share more, horde less, except for action figures for which hording is allowed. But they have to be mint in package. Let's not get crazy here.

  • 10:Describe ___________ in your own words.
Well she is pretty but not in a slutty way like your Momma. 
  • 11:You're in hell! One song is playing on repeat for eternity. What song is it?
Billy Ray Cyrus. Achy Breaky Heart.
  • 12:You get to create a entirely new species. Describe the name of them and what they look like.
They would look like this and take up residence in our homes. They will also be frisky sexually and know how to make a grilled cheese sammich without burning down the house.

  • 13:You're now allergic to EVERY animal except for one. Which animal is it?
The noble domesticated housecat.

  • 14:What's on your mind right now?
I would love some change. Try something new. Do something different. It seemed I had many more adventures as a younger man.
  • 15:Try and describe your closest friend in the silliest way possible.
I have no friends. People are a lot of work and I don't deserve the gift or having one. I have next to nothing to offer to any relationship. I want to reconnect with an old friend but I am terrified that I have nothing to offer.
  • 16:You can stop doing one of the following-- Eating, Using the restroom, Sleeping-- without any consequences. What do you choose?
Eating is great but not the results from loving to eat too much. I hate to sleep anyways so that is an easy give. Never trade away pooping. It's some of the best quiet time I get. 
  • 17:You have to live on a world famous landmark for the rest of your life. Which landmark would you live on/in?
The Rocky Mountains.

  • 18:You can babysit 6 extremely polite and kind kids for not very much money or one extremely rude and disrespectful child for a high amount of money for a week. Which do you choose?
I choose the kid for the big money. Break his spirit then build him back up into a respectable human being. I actually have training in doing that. Discipline with humor after that. I don't need them to like me but I demand they respect me.
  • 19:You have to use one word in every sentence for the rest of your life. What word is it?
Poodle. It's my favorite word ever. Say it with me - POODLE
  • 20:Go on a vacation forever or never leave your home town?
 I would never leave my space pod if I was provided with all my needs.
  • 21:What would your character be described as in an upcoming anime?
Some over powered agent with only hours to live but with enough time to save the Earth from alien invasion. 
  • 22:You get to redesign the Whitehouse. Describe how your fabulous revisions would make it look?
Put the whole thing on pontoons and make it AMPHIBIOUS!
  • 23:You're now inhabiting the body of the last person you talked to for 24 hrs. Who is it,  how weirded out are you?
Well that would be the girl at the Deli counter. After twenty minutes of feeling myself up I just felt terrible. Worse after I turned on the video camera and had her dress in costumes. 
  • 24:Add a letter to the alphabet! What's its name and what does it look like?
It's an emoticon of a Mr Yuck face. It's called Mr Yuck and he's there to remind you that you have to learn your letters or you will die. Defeat him by learning to spell or like Krampus, have your life ruined by nightmares.
  • 25:Weirdest fetish you've ever found out about and how?
I like thigh high pirate boots that fold over at the top. I saw a hooker in downtown Brandon Manitoba once on the street and she was dressed in those boots and a white sable fur coat. The image was seared into my brain. She was a redhead too so that explains many of my sexual preferences.
  • 26:Every mosquito drops dead and they are never found again or every wasp?
The mosquito brings me nothing but misery. I once thought I lost my bug hat while fishing in the far north in July. I would have rather died without that hat and the bug gloves.
  • 27:Fear you had when you were little that you grew out of?
Fear of Jack-in-the-Boxes with those little handles that make those 'tink tink' sounds

  • 28:The ability to make everyone listen to you when you want to say something or have no one notice you when you don't want them to?
I am comfortable with going unnoticed through life.
  • 29:What's your favorite meme?
My own cat and other animal captions. They are quite genius because each one tells a little story.

  • 30:Best surprise you've ever gotten?
This Christmas I was left a surprise present from Santa. I believe he really remembered me this year.
  • 31:Do you no longer listen to a song because it reminds you of someone you don't talk to anymore?
Yes, Round Here by the Counting Crows

"she walks along the edge of where the ocean meets the land
just like she's walking on a wire in the circus"

"Round here she's always on my mind
Round here hey man got lots of time"
  • 32:Write a full paragraph about yourself without being negative (or just a sentence if you don't want to write a full paragraph!)
I will leave someone else to leave a paragraph about me without being negative I the comments section. I have to low an opinion about myself to ever let myself off the hook like that.
  • 33:Describe the most attractive person you've ever seen without mentioning their name.
 Mr G. Clooney is pretty dreamy and Miss S. Gomez has I going on.
  • 34:Upload your all time favorite picture!
  • 35:You wake up tomorrow and end up having NO responsibilities to do, including work, school, cleaning, projects-- Nothing!-- As well as full access to an endless supply of money for an entire week. How do you spend it?
I get all the things I want and hire people to build me the cabinets to keep these things displayed properly. And while they are at it they can put in a nice hot tub and a sunroom.
  • 36:Write a plot for a TV show that you would most definitely watch.
How could I write something cooler than this??

  • 37:If you had to choose between only wearing shorts and long sleeves or pants and a tank top for all of winter, what would you choose? (No coats allowed or other garments under or over the shorts or pants!)
I like the shorts and a tshirt around the house.
  • 38:One thing you'd love to wake up to?
Someone else who reminds me that I am not alone in this world.
  • 39:You can choose to learn one talent to master or choose many talents that you're somewhat okay at. Which do you choose?
Fencing or some kind of martial art.
  • 40:Favorite quote/saying?
'Lo, there do I see my father.
'Lo, there do I see my mother, and my sisters, and my brothers.
'Lo, there do I see the line of my people...
Back to the beginning.
'Lo, they do call to me.
They bid me take my place among them.
In the halls of Valhalla...
Where the brave...
May live....forever.

  • 41:You say one sentence to go down in history and be remembered years after you pass, even centuries into the future. What's the sentence?
"THE RENT'S TOO DAMN HIGH!" (That phrase died out way too quickly)
  • 42:Favorite video you've ever watched?
I assume you mean music video. I like RIGHT NOW from Van Halen. It's old but still timely.

  • 43:Type/act like you did when you were 13 and describe your plans for tonight.
Tonight would be filled with television from all three networks. I would have to make choices because we had no VCRs. When we came back from Europe I went from no channels to 13 channels and lost my mind over one summer. And everything was is ENGLISH! All the choice, all those classic movies, I Dream of Genie, Star Trek and Get Smart in syndication. The Match Game and The Tonight Show at night and movies until dawn. That was a great time to be alive. 
  • 44:You're a baby with a very deep voice. What would you say to startle everyone in the room with your very deep baby voice?
Red Rum RED RUM!! 
  • 45:Funniest joke you've ever heard?
Why did the monkey fall out of the tree? Because it was dead. 
  • 46:Ever pulled a prank, and if you did-- What was it?
In Air Cadets we would always send newbies to get a bucket of 'prop wash' from the pilots. You can't put 'prop wash' in a bucket. It's the air that flows from behind a propeller. It's air.
  • 47:You can be a human with fur or a dog with hair. Which do you choose?
I don't want to do all that shaving.
  • 48:In your own opinion, the weirdest advertisement you've seen?

  • 49:Did you answer honestly to these questions?
I tell only the truth.
  • 50:Your hair can be any color you want, but its permanently there. For an example, you can dye your hair another color after, but the color you originally choose will always grow back in eventually. What color do you choose?
I don't want hair on my head. To much to deal with and style and wash and comb. I like the bald head look because I have a nicely shaped head.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Did you see that Brandon hooker at the Beaubier Hotel? Probably not, she sounds too classy for that joint. My cousin was a pimp in Brandon and his stable of three prostitutes operated out of the Beaubier. They were older women who he called "my heavy chevies."

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

No, this one was high end. Classy and we were outside a nice hotel selling poppies in our air cadet uniforms.

Dr. Theda said...

We got a Laugh from # 11
... Wanted to kill the radio when we heard that one ... and then he went on to produce that "abomination" .... "Miley"...
# 44 is a Good one too...
Great post good Sir Kal...
always great to get to know more about the people whom you look up to...