Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tuesday From The Toybox

Why make customs of figures that ALREADY exist?

I like these shadow boxes as a way to display loose figures if you don't have the box any longer.

SERPENTOR!! ('nuff said)
The only GI JOE figure I want complete

Lego ship-in-the-bottle is such a cheat.

I love a great custom figure (Son of Satan) which would never be done commercially because of the controversial subject matter.

I so wish I would have bought this entire set when it first came out but it suffered from my prejudice against this style and size of action figure. Today I regret that decision though I do have the Ark of the Covenant figure set and that is hella-cool.
I love the look of that old TV Batmobile.



Damn I wish these would come to Canada. I would love to buy these at retail but I may have to cave and go the online route. I like all the extra stuff too like the big school and the Batgirl utility belt.

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