Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Trump Vs The Savage Dragon

I always respected Eric Larsen. He was one of the Marvel artists who left the company in the early 90s to form Image Comics. However,  unlike many of his other rebels Larsen stuck with ONE character and ONE series about that character, a body of work that has lasted for decades and 226 issues. That is an amazing achievement. I admire that dedication and commitment to both his art and his storytelling. Savage Dragon is a work of love and I felt that love every time I read an issue. I would compare it to Robert Kirkman's, Invicible for it's ability to build a believable world with unbelievable characters.

Larsen is nothing if not topical but I was surprised to see the topic of this recent issue. He really puts himself into the argument and of course he comes out on the side of truth and justice. This is a good thing to see. I am a fan of people finding ways to fight back against the chaos and madness of the idiot trump and this is one that hits me right where I live.

Thank you to Brother Al Bruno III for sending this gem my way.



DrGoat said...

He puts his money where his mouth is. Gotta respect that.

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