Tuesday, August 29, 2017

I Would Be Interested In Your Responses If You Are A Collector

I encourage people to think about their collecting practices. Not just for comics, though comics are likely to be the area of focus for most of my readers, but for anything you happen to collect—music (I am considering a future follow-up post to this one about my music collecting), toys, ticket stubs, sports memorabilia, movies, TV shows, matchbooks, postcards, what-have-you. What are the criteria you use for determining if something fits your collection? In what ways has that criteria changed over time? What kinds of narratives do you see both in the materials you have collected and in the way you have collected them? I’d love to hear about it.  And beyond that, how has collecting, not only those artifacts, but the experience and knowledge built around them formed a way to think about yourself?”

I found this on the Tumblr and it got me thinking.

I do not have a thing for Unicorns.
Well not anymore.

But I do love these Johnny West figures. Look at this collection. I thought my brain was going to explode. My love for Johnny West and his family goes back to when I was 2 if this photo is to be believed.




DrGoat said...

I can't think that hard anymore. As far as that unicorn thing, do not seek the treasure.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

but but...he's a horsey with a horn.


DrGoat said...

Well, you do have a point there Cal. You could juxtapose the unicorn with an action figure of Miles Davis. By the way, that is one awesome, unbelievable collection of Johnny West stuff. Holy Buffalo!

j-swin said...

I've got close to 100 Wonder Woman action figures and statues and I seem to be looking for quality at this point. The newer figures are nice but the statues seem to be the smarter move. Of course I still like the unique little items too....and pops. Funko is evil.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Funko is GOOD evil though. They really do think about the collector and they invented a product that even guys like me went for and I HATE those cutey figures usually. You have an awesome WW collection. Tell me you do have the Kotobukiya ones. The Sideshow ones are gorgeous but out of my price range. But I saw one of Diana on a horse that is gorgeous beyond belief.

j-swin said...

No kotobukiya yet but I have the ame-comi versions 2 and 3, a couple art of wars and a handful of mini busts. I usually shop around eBay for good deals.