Thursday, August 22, 2019


Barry Boswick? Persis Khambatta? Henry Silva? All filmed in the little known and seldom used NITRO VISION? Yes, kids, it's MEGAFORCE, a "phantom army of super-elite fighting men" set up to save you from teabagger tyranny around world.

Remember, its existence is OFFICIALLY denied by leaders of the free world. But there are sources to claim that such an AWESOME outfit does exist. We just never see them or capture them on film.

Their tech and vehicles look like a joke you say? That is just how MEGAFORCE wants you and their enemies to think, bitch. Then one day - BAM, they GETCHA!

After all, according to the opening lines, "these weapons are the most powerful science can devise." I can't confirm it but some MEGAFORCE scientist were part of that operation to cap the leaking oil well in the Gulf of Mexico. PHEW. That has got to work if MEGAFORCE is working on the problem because as their slogan says - "Deeds, not words"

Back in the day you could actually JOIN MEGAFORCE and be as awesome as ACE HUNTER - the headband wearing leader of MEGAFORCE. And only the greatest hero deserves one of the great movie villains - Henry Silva. Ah the Silva, the eighties answer to Hitler in the movies. He may have been in a lot of crappy films but he never did anything but play the villain over the top in all their scene chewing glory.

So even though we can't stop Silva and his evil goons by using REGULAR armies or diplomatic channels, we still have MEGAFORCE who don't believe in your stinkin' borders.

Can you believe this one opened the same day as a little seen movie called 'Blade Runner'. What ever happened to THAT flop?

See all those lights on the computers in the control room? That means that those are those high tech SUPER computers we always hear about. Only the best for MEGAFORCE.

Oh, look. Persus and Barry have an aggressive first meeting just dripping with sexual tension. She don't like his wild style, his wild hair, or his wild headband. Somebody has got a crush!

"We know you. You are the doctor with more degrees than a thermometer."

That is just GOOD writing.

I am sad that the government of the country MEGAFORCE was trying to help called off our boys. Time to just pack up and go home. What? MEGAFORCE is going against their orders? MEGAFORCE is just going to get the job done? Damn you ACE HUNTER. You were told to stand down. We will have your headband for that.

Ace - "There are some things you can't put a price on."

Silva - "If you would have said anything else, I would have been disappointed. I love you. But you are HOPELESS."

Does Ace live and become less hopeless? Is MEGAFORCE destroyed by betrayal? Does Ace's headband leave tan lines from the desert sun? Is all of MEGAFORCE just a cover so it's members can do business as rentboys?

Watch and see.

(P.S - you know that MEGAFORCE is super secret because even spellcheck doesn't have that word in their datbase. "MEGAFORCE GO!")

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