Sunday, June 28, 2020

Go With Me For A Second Here

Now if you think of Tatooine as one big litter box and the Hutt's as giant house cats whose waste products are recovered, and refined into stable but deadly explosives, you understand the power they hold over that planet and the scum of the galaxy. Plus after they ate all the prey on their planet they had to find a way to survive so they turned their talents towards gangsterism which supported their hedonistic lifestyles. They were naturals in the munitions and smuggling trade. Again, the movies just rewrite themselves.

Then we add this GIRL Leia Skywalker and we are off to the races and the digital deep fake reboot this classic needs just to see if it could work. Yes, A GIRL saves the Republic. You got a problem with that?

Prince Luke is captured...ect. 
You know the whole story.