Friday, January 29, 2021

Wanda Vision Episode 4

I wondered when someone would get to doing a show about how the survivors of the 'Thanos Snap' dealt with returning to life five years after they first left. It must have been so painfully traumatic to suddenly be back to life as the World went on without you. Finally we get to see a little bit of that here when Monica Rambeau is introduced to our show. In the comics she was the cosmically powered hero known as Photon. For a time she was Captain Marvel and is the little girl in the Captain Marvel movie. She is very smart and very determined to figure out what exactly is going on in the town of Westview because she works for SWORD, the government agency tasked with dealing with superhero threats.

Of course I already knew that with Wanda's power to alter reality, she could easily create her own pocket universe that responds to her will. Could she be the villain of the piece afterall? Could be. That makes everything infinitely more interesting because now you have to convince her to give up her perfect world, always an easy task with someone who is grieving and has the power to not give a shit about what anyone else wants.

Nice to see Kat Denning back from the first THOR movie. Nice to see her back in the MCU playing a super smart tech wiz with a snarky sense of humor for people not as smart as she is. That is the PERFECT Kat Denning role. More, more, more of Kat.

Damn I was wrong about SWARM and that breaks my heart. He would have been such a cool addition just because he is made of bees. BEES!

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh, so that wasn't "Swarm"? But the agent still emerged from the utility hole in a beekeeper's outfit with bees around him. So bees are involved in keeping Wanda's "hive" safe and operating somehow, I guess. On one of the whiteboards, there was a question about "why are there hexagons everywhere?" and that's the shape of honeycomb. Hmmmm.

It is becoming clear that Wanda is the creator and controller of Westview and, as I said originally, it's what she has created out of her grief and denial about Vision's death. But I don't think it's right to call her "the villain" of the series because of it. She needs to process and let go of her grief and then all will be well, I think.

I was glad to see Kat Dennings too! She's a fave of mine -- also her smartass Darcy character who is, now, I see, a Doctor of Astrophysics so has serious scientific cred now.