Friday, March 4, 2022

The Batman (2022)

I was worried that with the war in Russia that my pipeline to movie screeners would be disrupted. I know the film is not being screened in Russia but apparently the Russian mob has connections outside of the country and business does go on, even in the middle of conflict. I was so glad to be able to watch this film today. It's as good as everyone is saying.

Director Matt Reeves has brought at fresh look and vibe to the Batman franchise by focusing on all the things that makes the character so great and surrounding him with a strong cast including Zoe Kravitz, Colin Farrell and Jeffery Wright. Even without Batman, this film is still a top notch mystery thriller. Batman just makes everything cooler and his role at the center of the story is right out of the comic books Everything begins and ends with the death of Bruce Wayne's parents. At nearly three hours in length, I was never bored or distracted. 

The Batsuit itself a creation of genius that I wanted to point out. For once I felt that it provided full mobility and protection against all the things that can kill Batman in the world he works in. Pattinson can move like an athletic force of nature who is designed to survived anything a dark and gritty Gotham city could throw at him. Pattinson works with the mask and tells VOLUMES with the slightest movement of his eyes. It's a subdued and subtle performance that I would like to see combined with Heath Ledgers' Joker in a perfect world. He is currently my favorite Batman and who ever thought I would say that about Robert Pattinson, the 'sparkling' vampire?

He has the car and the gadgets but they are not overused which only increases their impact when they are put to use. The arrival of the Batmobile was a definite thrilling moment. For once the gadgets are underemphasized which adds a whole level of reality to what is happening on screen. Pattinson's Batman is not indestructible physically or mentally. You feel he can be killed. He is all rage and anguish and trying to find a direction to his crusade as the protector of Gotham City. He cares little about his family's fortune and is on the verge of losing everything, including long time caregiver, Alfred. This Batman is only in year two of his career and is bitter and driven. The Bat Signal is not a symbol of hope. It's a message to the criminal element that vengeance is coming for them. There is no room in our tortured heroes soul for HOPE.

The cinematography and music are gorgeous and everything feels dirty and crowded - the perfect setting for such a great noir film. Not an ounce of sunlight to spare which is just how a great Batman story is suppose to be. Everything exists in shadow and rain. The entire cast is game with my favorite being Colin Farrell as The Penguin. He is totally a make-up creation that you would not recognize if you didn't know he was cast in the first place. His Penguin is a very scary mob boss. Another creature of rage.

So how is Pattinson? His Batman is the most soulful and damaged of all the movie Batmen. It's my new favorite. He doesn't waste words and the rare relationships he develops with Lft Gordon and our new Catwoman.feels real because they are built on respect and honor and truth. There is risk for Batman to work with others but at this moment, he needs courageous allies because the threat to Gotham is so great.

This movie makes me hope that we never run out of Batman movies to make because the level of quality only increases with each release. This film sets a new bar. Expect a lot and you will be rewarded. Don't miss it.

 Batman ventures into Gotham City's underworld when a sadistic killer leaves behind a trail of cryptic clues. As the evidence begins to lead closer to home and the scale of the perpetrator's plans become clear, he must forge new relationships, unmask the culprit and bring justice to the abuse of power and corruption that has long plagued the metropolis.

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