Monday, March 14, 2022

The Pirates (2014)

We all know of my deep love for Korean cinema. Their historical drama/comedies are second to none and this one is no exception. After Netflix released a sequel to this 2014 film, I had to go back to watch the first part first in case the two films are related and I am missing out on something cool.

When you set out to gather a fun band of pirates or an equally fun band of bandits, you can't do better than Korean central casting; I admire how the creators are able to distinguish one character from the other when they all look the same to me. That is just the magic that is part of Korean cinema. The stories easily translate into other cultures.

So, when a WHALE (yes a WHALE) swallows the Royal Seal, only a gathering of goof balls can save the day and the heads of several officials trying to establish a new province of Joseon. I love the variety of strong characters who all get their moment especially several girl pirates who find their moment to shine and are more than equal to the challenge. 

I watched this one with subtitles and I am happy I did. There are so many little jokes that would get missed in the translated version. I just know it from experience.

The film has some terrific set pieces and some great fight scenes on the sea between the good and bad pirates, just don't hope for the Whales to come out the winner in the end. It's a fun film. I hope that the sequel The Pirates - Search For the Lost Treasure will be just as good. After all, that Royal Seal is still inside the whale.

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