Friday, April 1, 2022


I thought a lot about the movie BLADE while watching Morbius. That first vampire superhero film was a real revelation and energetic look at the vampire genre. It invented the modern MCU. Both films took a relatively minor Marvel character and created a whole new mythology for us to care about. Morbius may be poorly reviewed but I found it to be better than general perception. It's a fresh take on the whole vampire genre with a birth of a cool new moody anti-hero.

Sony was right to tie their fortunes to this 'Living Vampire' that Jared Leto has created. While Marvel is 'borrowing' Spider-Man from Sony, they have been building their own Sinister Six starting with Venom. That idea is the only reason for the post credit scenes. The chances that Andrew Garfield is back as Spidey one day makes sense in a Universe of Multiverses where one character can move between parallel Earths. But that is a story for another time.

I was totally absorbed by this tale of science gone wrong and living with the consequences of one's actions. We have a new anti-hero to cheer for.

Leto totally buys into the concept and that is where the energy for his scientific process of discovery comes from. The creators purposely dumb down the science to move things along but that only leaves more time for action. Morbius doesn't stop in one place for very long and won't hurt your brain. You also know how the battle between the two protagonists will go having seen all this business before. The difference with Morbius is the energy that went into everything on screen.

The effects were very effective at displaying Morbius' wide rage of abilities. He has super strength and speed, can float on the air and has an echolocation ability like actual bats. He can hear and track anyone he focuses upon. He can survive on artificial blood but needs the real stuff to keep from reverting back to the crippled man he was cured of because that 'cure' is a curse. He also doesn't have the weakness of a real movie vampire like we have been trained to expect. If not for the need to consume human blood, it's really not such a bad gig. I wonder if he is immortal and needs to avoid direct sunlight? The movie never goes into that.

You should know that this is one of the poorest reviewed movies of the year with only 16% of critics finding it 'fresh'. Once again I am out of touch with the idiot mass audience because I enjoyed this one for all that it was.

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