Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Dune - Part Two

Considering that DUNE is my favorite book of all time puts me in a unique position watching part two With the beloved material there before me on the screen I thought I could only be let down by whatever Denis Villeneauve created. How can I not be? However I am pleased to say that this epic got the rightful treatment it deserved. It will bring new fans to the franchise which I hope will continue beyond this sequel. Personally I loved it and was impressed with the elegant style that shows how faith and politics could combine to create a universal super being in Paul as his powers begin to manifest themselves. He goes from Duke's son to Maud'hib, Emperor of the known universe. He begins a holy war that will eventually lead to the death of million across the Empire. But that is in the future. For now say that Paul has avenged his father and free the Fremen. I want to watch both parts for the hell of it now and contemplate all the issues that the movie brings forward. How do charismatic leaders rise to power? What roles do faith and prophecy play in Paul's rise to power? How is he as much a victim of the prophecy as the Fremen? 

Not all of the book is there which several scenes cut from the story. I am sure they will be added in the future. This is science fiction of the highest order. Less a mindless blockbuster and more a fable come to life on a grand scale. The production design is amazing with very little in the way of green screened effects. This is the movie to watch on the biggest screen possible. The cast is universally excellent with Austin Butler leading the way as the psychotic nephew of the Baron, The only thing missing from a great viewing experience is having someone to talk about it with afterwards.,

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