Sunday, September 21, 2008

Introduction and The Mongols

Welcome citizens of Earth and dimensions beyond to my blog. Nothing like being on the cutting edge of a tread eh?

Frikkin Mongols....I am in the middle of watching Mongol the story of Gengis Khan and I can say without reservation that those mongols are sons a bitches for what they do to each other (henceforth to be know as the "screwgie"). And I grow impatient waiting for the Temugin's 80s style revenge that better be coming soon. These bastards really know how to hold a grudge but I understand that is what it was like in 12th century Mongolia. You would think they would be happy by inventing the sleeping bag but no. I mean the politics alone would make a guy crazy. One day you are Khan and the next day you are a slave. Even you own blood brother can become an enemy with little provocation. And never let it be said that the great Khan left the dirty 'wet work' to his underlings. He was the original model for the "hands on" style of management. His first lady Borte was no slouch either. I enjoyed the Lady McBeth aspects to her character and its proff positive that without a strong women at you side any throne you hope to hold will be as fragile as egg shells. Spartan King Leonidas (300) had the same advantage in his Queen, Gorgon.

I have great affection for asian historical dramas like House of Flying Daggers, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Hero, and Curse of the Golden Flower. Makes a guy proud to be a historical asian (even though he's not one).

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