Tuesday, September 23, 2008

OJ, Obamma and the End of Days

Its days like today that I wish I was on a tropical island totally unable to immerse myself in the news of the world or popular culture. Just sitting on the white sand beach under my palm leaf umbrella with my girl servant Tuesday watching the mushroom clouds rise in the distance. Not sitting here hugging my knees while rocking back and forth watching the same mushroom clouds in my mind. I remember back when OJ killed Nicole and that whole week after was full of developments nearly by the hour. The whole world seemed to stop and that was all that anyone was interested in. That week I was teaching in Beaverlodge and we had taken all the jr high kids camping at some christian campsite that allowed us to shoot at each other with arrows and paintball guns during the day but made us pay for the fun by having to hear about the "lord" around the campfire at night. There were no showers or radio or tv for that entire week. I knew nothing about what everyone was talking about and had no opinion to express. We came home on the Friday just in time for me to pick up a double pepperoni and mushroom pizza and enjoy the low speed white bronco chase. For the first time ever I felt left out of the "loop" which was always amoung my worst nightmares (along with zombies, aliens, robots, bears or the zombie alien robot bears). But lately I feel like I don't want to hear anything about anything; not about tainted deli meats (oh WHY must it be sweet sweet coldcuts???) or reasons why Obamma could lose the election (and officially crush what little hope I have for this planet) or that I had been wrong about the evile of republicans and their cariboo killing hockey mom with the slutty teen daughter (which I believe combine several of the signs of the apocalypse into one milf of a package) But I DO know what is going on and I can't just forget what I hear or see. The world isn't anymore screwed up than usual but somehow it feels like it is and I am the only one who sees the patterns forming. No superheroes or freaks of nature to set everything right again. And that just sucks cause I know tomorrow I will eat a nice dish of peaches (in their own light syrup) and forget that there is no hope left for any of us. And THAT is when the mummies and the vampires get ya. Well not the mummies cause I got a cat but you know what I mean.

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