Friday, February 27, 2015

Another Useless Facebook Quiz

You are thoughtful, analytical and have a great sense of humor. You often step away from situations to see the 'bigger picture' and others often come to you when seeking advice. People enjoy your company...and your razor sharp wit!

Once again I do one of these stupid Facebook quizzes that claims to know what animal I will be reincarnated as. Luckily I was an OWL instead of a lowly, back stabbing octopus. I should have known that when I choose WINGS as my favorite animal part. Who would choose tentacles? A maniac that's who. Then I wondered what an owl combined with an octopus would be like. Would the two ever get along in real life like FROG and TOAD? (who were just roommates. They just lived together as bachelor amphibians).

I thought the OWL and the OCTOPUS was my idea for a children's book. Apparently someone else thought of the combination first.



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