Friday, February 20, 2015

Our New Aqauaman

Look below and check out the bad ass image of Jason Momoa, our new Aquaman. I never really thought they would go with a blond haired blue eyed guy like in the excellent Throne of Atlantis animated feature that came out earlier this year so I am happy they made the change. Anything DC has to do put some kind of Justice League movie together is okay with me.

Movies are first and foremost a visual medium and thus to work certain changes have to be made to the way comic book characters are presented on screen. Usually the costume used on paper is nothing like the final product that appears on screen. You have to make the character and his costume REAL enough so that I can suspend my disbelief and enjoy the picture.

This would just look goofy on screen.

While THIS look very cool. Jason looks like he dwells at the bottom of the ocean and that there is really a place called Atlantis where there is a whole race of people that look mostly like him. This guy looks like an outcast of two worlds in a way that a blond Aryan looking guy just never will.



Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

No surprise they went for the "Undersea Conan" look of Peter David's run in the 90s. But why is Zack Synder afraid of color? Did a rainbow kill his father?

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

There are some who will say change nothing then regret the final product. I just know that Wolverine's yellow and blue suit would not translate well on like Aquaman.

david_b said...

Stoooopid. The original stuff translates just fine. Producers have to have the balls to make it work.

Look at how well the first Iron Man movie came off and also 'First Avenger'..?

And look how dismal the initial black-leather Xmen movie outfits came out.?

Also terrible for toy sales.

Mike said...

No to the hair, NO to the tattoos, No to the whole damn thing. I wont be seeing it

j-swin said...

Well that's a pretty narrow view, just because something works In 4 color process doesn't mean it works on film, look at green lantern, those suits were spot on to the comic and still came off looking like they got body painted at the playboy mansion.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

That is my point. And those X-MEN uniforms were functional and didn't distract you from the powers. It was genius. Sometimes to get what we want we have to go along. You can point to many times when a tweek to a character made all the difference.

I imagine that ATLANTEANS would love their tattoos as much as the Maori people. I bet they even have a caste system based on it. There, now everyone get an atlantis tattoo.

Rob R said...

I dig this! Though MAN OF STEEL was not perfect, I enjoyed it. Cannot wait to see this film before determining if I like it or not... ;)