Sunday, February 22, 2015

To Be Honest, That Would Seduce Me

Why would any girl go to Syria just to be treated like a third class citizen for these jihadist assholes? I have a cat and Nutella. Plus Ritz crackers and frozen pizza pops. Add indoor toilets and I already seem a better catch than some terrorist...or I don't which is extra depressing. If you are this stupid as to travel to Syria, the you deserve all the bad that will happen to you. Why not just go strip for a biker gang while you are at it? I am just fat but still ISIS is more desirable that spending time with me. Ah, none of you crazy bitches deserves my kindness. Enjoy the beekeepers uniform they will make you were after they are done passing your around from camp to camp. Good luck firing a gun unless you have one next to your suicide vest. This is why you don't give a teen girl an allowance. She will only use it to go to Syria and join some bullshit jihad.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Why these young women willingly give themselves over to a fate worse than death is beyond me.

DrGoat said...

Some of the people on this planet have become afflicted with some sort of brain rot. I thought things were crazy back in the 60s, but the 'you ain't seen nothing yet' factor really has set in.