Sunday, January 24, 2016

Chelsea Does THE FUNNY

I imagine this is what it's like to BE Chelsea Handler in real life. Nothing is off topic and everything is interesting that comes out of her mouth. She makes me laugh and I know she is not everyone's taste. Like Joan Rivers she is a real BROAD. I find her brutal honesty refreshing. I have watched her evolution as a comic and a commentator on life over the years and I like what I hear.

This is what I would call STRUCTURED reality.

Episode One is about marriage.

Chelsea talks to kids about marriage and it's SO VERY FUNNY. She just riffs on what the kids provide her with. They try to hook her up with Batman and she doesn't correct them when they say she is only 20.

We see pictures of her growing up and watch her talk to her friends about the most personal things. Even her family provides humorous tales about her parent's marriage. It's very touching.

She goes back into her past and we meet Peter, her first British boyfriend. To hear how they both describe that time differently is beautiful to hear. Honesty is so fun to see. She doesn't care what anyone she interviews says about her. She just wants the content. So there is genius in the editing of this stuff too. At an hour 14 minutes this never feels stuffed or rushed. Netflix gave Chelsea the freedom and the time to do it her way. FINALLY someone listened to HER and her vision.

Then my beloved MARY McCORMACK shows up and I fall in love all over again. The two best friends then attend a bachelorette party to complete more of the full wedding experience.

She even attends therapy to address her own wedding phobia. There is really honesty here and humanizes her more than it makes her look like someone who is just mocking the whole idea of marriage. There is real humanity at work here. I know that makes this sound so revolutionary but that word came to mind many times while watching this documentary.

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