Saturday, January 23, 2016

Legends Of Tomorrow

I love how quickly this show gets to it's huge cast of characters and larger than life comic book story. We watch as renegade Time Agent Rip Hunter gathers The Atom, Black Canary, Firestorm, Hawkman and Hawkgirl, Captain Cold, and Heat Wave to fight the evil that is Vandal Savage.

The acting is campy and I hope deliberately over the top. I like over the top.

Hunter plays to all of the heroes/villains egos and desire to be remembered as legends. It's a soft set-up for a show as light as a popcorn fart. I loved it. It might just get me back into watching shows like Arrow and Flash - two I dropped because they had much filler to go with all the super heroics.

We get a primer on all the main characters and the power of Savage who eventually subjugates the planet in the future. I think having many characters is a saving grace of this show. Not too much time spent on one character and everyone has a crisis to solve at the last minute.

There is even a cool temporal bounty hunter called Kronos chasing after them because Rip Hunter has people after him obviously. Arthur Darvil from Doctor Who is quite good as a Time Master but he has Doctor Who experience.

The only think I can't understand is why a time machine can't go 24 hours before they KNOW when Savage is in a certain time and place but no one seems to figure that out. They all have personal experience with this villain. Just remember where and when you had that interaction and ambush him. Duh. However, subtle and smart are not what this show is interested in being. And for now, that is good enough for me.



j-swin said...

We really enjoyed the first episode too and are looking forward to the rest but I heard the first season was so expensive to produce that it may not get a second season.

Chase March said...

Agreed. I am quite enjoying this show!