Saturday, January 30, 2016

Legends of Tomorrow - Pilot Part 2

We can't go back and change history that we ourselves were a part in. That is a pretty slick way of explaining why this superhero army can't just go to fix bad parts of their lives by alerting their outcome. I would not take that on faith. I would go exactly where I needed to be with my time machine and fix that horrible moment from my past regardless of the universe imploding upon itself because of my actions messing with the timeline. That is the purpose of time travel for me - and to collect old toys and comic books. And maybe bet on a few major sporting events that have already happened.

I like how Gonzo this show can be. They are not fooling anyone or trying to. This is a live action cartoon that is broader and more comic book like than either Arrow or The Flash.

When I saw the missile garage sale scene, I knew this would be exactly what I wanted to see. Every evil bad guy who ever saw a bad James Bond movie is in one garage to buy a nuke. LOL. They are all there, the guy in the beret, the guy in the turban, the guy in the Nehru jacket.

They auction by shooting guns into the air to place their bid. That's cartoon terrorist hard core.

Of course after a team battle with the world's top terrorists, Savage still gets away by triggering the nuke to explode. Again, why go small when you can go nuclear?

I never thought I would get such a goofy collection of heroes to be on TV. I can't promise the premise and the characters won't wear on me soon enough but for now I am watching and hoping for Nazi Super Robots.

The effects are not quite up to Supergirl standards but the image of Firestorm standing in a bombed out crater was visually impressive. The Hawkman and Hawkgirl, flying effects are not very good, however and the Atom is not exactly Ant-Man.

The show rings much comedy out of such time travel tropes as meeting one's younger self (who is always cooler than future self) and tries to work one or several group fight scenes into the mix. I never see anyone ACTUALLY get frozen or burned or really beat up but that is okay too.

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