Sunday, May 29, 2016

Preacher Figures From Funko

What a golden age we live in when you can get your own cute Arseface figure? I can't believe they are not showing a new episode tonight but doing a repeat of the pilot. WTF? I am already on board and I deserve new content. That would be my bitch if I called into TALKING PREACHER - the new Preacher aftershow. I don't DO aftershows. I hate all the fawning over the actors who I just want to see as the characters they are portraying, not their real life selves. I think I would feel the same way if Hell on Wheels had an aftershow which is NEVER did because that show has class and was never a show that AMC ever could be accused of over promoting. I think Preacher missed the boat without a new episode this week. You could have showed a repeat of the pilot then a new episode to really give people a chance to get into your new high profile project but you screwed the poach during a week when I really could have used something new to watch. Pickings have been slim.