Sunday, June 26, 2016

Canadian Axe-Throwing Bar Proves Big Hit

Just to show how tough we roll up here in the tundra, we have a bar where we drink and toss axes like they are darts. What can go wrong with that?

Combining razor-sharp axes and alcohol sounds like a very bad idea, but it seems to be working for the Timber Lounge, a popular axe-throwing bar in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The Timber Lounge offers patrons sick of urban sports like bowling, darts or pool a new way to unwind. Axe-throwing has long been a popular pastime among lumberjacks in Nova Scotia, and Darren Hudson, a fifth-generation sawmill operator from Shelburne County, decided to bring it to the masses. He partnered with fellow axe-throwing enthusiast Marc Chisholm and together they founded the city’s first axe-throwing lounge. Adrenalin junkies can get their fix by balancing sharp hatchets and double-edged axes over their heads before hurling them at painted wooden bullseyes. Between sessions, they can step into the lounge area to enjoy Nova Scotia food and craft beers.



JDsivraj said...

Competed at axe throwing as a kid 4 decades ago in the wimpy liberal state of massachusetts. It's fun stuff.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

There's an axe-throwing place here in Edmonton somewhere but I'm pretty sure there's no bar attached.

DrGoat said...

Gives me an idea. Maybe they can open up a tomahawk throwing
lounge here in Tucson.