Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Independence Day - Resurgence

I am a sucker for a good disaster film and I can tolerate much in a movie if stuff is blowing up around me and people are being saved at the last minute. They make it very easy to know who the good guys are in these kind of movies. Like the last time there are several mini story arcs to follow and it's kinda fun to see what happened to the characters from 20 years ago. Teamed up with new stories of human bravery we have us a summer blockbuster just waiting to be chewed on.

Watching all the world sites get destroyed never gets old even though we have seen it all a million times. I knew I never tire of watching it. The effects are very well done here and a movie like this lives and dies on it's effects. Its neat to see how we used the alien tech to upgrade our tech. I liked the world that we humans had created since kicking alien ass the first time. Living on the moon would be a trip.


I don't know where all this ennui by beautiful people is coming from. Suck it Liam. You are too pretty for space. It's hard for me to like you. But damn it, I did like you even though you were a bad boy and KNEW that we all liked you because you are the one who breaks all the rules because you are pretty. There, I said it. Had to be said.

I enjoy seeing Earth fight against overwhelming odds. We always win in the end. He are HUMANS after all and no alien butt wipes have any chance against us, right? I enjoyed learning about the humans who I knew were going to die while our pretty young heroes save the day. Everything happens by the numbers but it's a nice looking painting that results, if a not all together smart one.
Now there are many parts that I totally rolled my eyes at. You know the ones I am talking about if you have seen the film. The movie is full of scenes like this and they all are just what I expected from a goofy concept like Independence Day. And then the school bus arrives. By then it was too late to stop watching. I just had to see how it all ended thought I didn't care one whit about who lived or died.

Will this film change anything in your life? Nope and it shouldn't. But it's a worthy sequel to a film that rolled just as many eyes back in the day. Not a bad choice for a hot day matinee or a Netflix watch.


Rod Barnett said...

The origianl film was so bad I can't even THINK about watching this. Talk about eye rolling - the first one made me aware of just how bad a film can be if the filmmakers are not very bright.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I just had to see this one to know how bad it could be. It did not disappoint. When I am rewriting it in my head, well, that is a bad film.