Tuesday, June 28, 2016

ZOO Returns For Season Two Tonight

I promised myself after each and every episode of last year's 13 episode mini-series - ZOO. It told the story of a world where animals have started being a threat to humans by turning against us en masse. It was totally ludicrous storytelling with all the stupidity and coincidences that go with this type of high concept. I rolled my eyes dozens of times but still I came back to the bitter end hoping for some kind of resolution. Then it happened. The very last scene of season one had our team totally surrounded by dangerous animals of all kinds. Certain death, right? Now THAT would be a good idea. Just end it with their death being the start of the end of all man on Earth. Story done.

Apparently not. Tonight begins season two which means that SOMEONE better have come up with an interesting if not entirely believable escape for our heroes who I hope survived to season two. I guess from this trailer they did. If you are interested in being tormented with some really good summer trash, then this is your show. It's like the beach read that you can't put down. It's based on a novel by James Patterson if you are interested. He is known for these kind of high concept crisis stories.

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