Saturday, July 29, 2017

I Think Comrade Sister Girl Is Trying To Seduce Me

"Nikita, Baby, we can talk about this, right? I have a briefcase full of dollars, American dollars if you just let me go with the information in my jumper. Consider that cash a payment for all your help and for that cold night in Minsk where you used your naked body heat to keep me warm despite the fact we were in a fully functional motel room. Then you built an igloo in the snow and lined it with furs from your hunting trips to the high Arctic and we survived both a Polar bear attack and a harsh blizzard. It was a great five days In our warm ice cave light by whale oil we played Yatzee and sang pop songs from the eighties. You taught me the words to 99 Luftballoons in both Russian and German. You had Tobleron bars in your Go Bag. It was the best Honeymoon Christmas I spent during the Cold War. In that accent that sounds like music from a Russian fairy tale you said you wouldn't kill me the first time they asked you to do so. Well you gave me that an your love. Tovarich. I am calling my marker due. And guess what? You can still have the suitcase. I just need to borrow your car. I'd ask you to come with me but I suspect you would prefer that I left you to your uncomplicated life right now. But you know how to find me. When this is all over, EVERYONE will be able to find me. But I have been manipulating the conversation. Tell me what would make YOU most happy right now. Unless killing me would make you happy then I would like another chance to plead my pitiful case."
Damn, that is just good writing. And so topical with today's global tensions with Russia. Who knows what kind of sexy agents Putin has trained to put the hurt on our decadent Western ways. Oh Nikita is it cold?

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