Saturday, July 22, 2017


If I convince one other person to watch this show and love it as much as me would be nice validation. It's my favorite show EVER. 13 episodes of TONY BRAVO. Gariel Luna plays Tony. He currently is Ghost Rider on Agents of Shield. No shit. Ghost Rider. And a COOL Ghost Rider. Gabriel Luna is a good actor in Matador and Agents of Shield. Long may he work and do the kind of work I love to watch. So watch Matador. You can watch it on You Tube. It's all over the place. It's got Alfred Molina. You like him. And there is soccer and spies and cool saves and an evil scientist who lives in the jungle and is weird and there is a virus that can destroy the world and there is a buried Aztec city and gunfights and hand to hand combat and deaths and cool cars and soccer and Tony Bravo. Watch the damn show you huckleberries. Put that Honey Boo Boo back in the case and watch something truly entertaining.

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