Saturday, December 21, 2019

Before There Was Watchmen....

Any comic book fan can tell you that Watchmen is based on a 1986 DC Comics series by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons -- but did you know the "Watchmen" characters were based on pre-existing heroes, most of whom were in a team called "The Sentinels of Justice," originally published by Charlton Comics? Charlton comics sat near Marvel and DC on the spinner rack. They competed with lesser known Dell and usually were every one's forth choice. Nothing special about Carlton. At least Dell had great photo realistic art and publicity photo art on their covers.

After DC bought the rights to the Charlton heroes in the 1980s, Moore intended to write a story titled "Who Killed the Peacemaker?" as their final adventure. However, DC told Moore that they planned to integrate the new characters into their own comic universe. So instead of scrapping the idea, Moore created new heroes loosely based on the Charlton characters, and wrote the story he intended from the start -- a story that became "Watchmen."


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