Friday, December 20, 2019

Yeh, What Does DISNEY Know About Creating Entertainment?

"Well, look, the scale of the reaction is probably beyond my expectations by a wide margin. That said, the moment I laid eyes on the character, I had a strong feeling the character was going to connect with audiences. It's just so cute, so interesting, so compelling, in many respects so familiar and yet so new."

Of course you saw this character was special, the WHOLE WORLD immediately saw that the Child was special. Did they even watch the show? I doubt if because if even one of them was a Star Wars fan they would have felt that same tingle that we all get when we think of the original Star Wars. You can't fake fandom.

I bet no one who saw the end of first episode of the Mandalorian has a negative reaction to Baby Yoda and decided that maybe the Mandalorian was not for them. It just didn't happen. Everyone who saw that first episode loves it. They freak out having to wait a week to see what further dangers that Mando will put Baby Yoda in. If we had a chance to elect Baby Yoda president he would win in a landslide. Never has a character taken the entire planet by storm like this. How did you miss this? Every corporate meeting this month should have been exclusively about how Disney should react to the universal love the character has created.

It's the same deal with Baby Yoda toys. The damn company will market every character that they could possible make a buck off of but THIS character wasn't needed on the shelves for this Christmas season. Disney has sweat shops JUST for this purpose. They should have been cranking out the dolls and the Mandalorain/Baby Yoda two pack the moment the reaction to episode one was know to the corporation. I have no faith in the braintrust that is making decision at Disney. If they missed THIS then they are unworthy to be in charge of any of the franchises they recently acquired.  How long before they destroy Marvel and Star Wars.

From a cynical perspective, one could say that Baby Yoda having exceeded Iger’s expectations reveals a somewhat out-of-touch relationship to the massive franchise that Disney now owns. Yoda has long been a fan favorite, something any Star Wars fan would seemingly be well aware of. Fortunately, however, so far Disney has done a decent job of expanding the Star Wars universe and creating content that fans anticipate. Whether or not Baby Yoda turns out to be everything that fans hope he will remains to be seen, but for the time being at least, Star Wars is creating genuine excitement over a new character – something that hasn’t been done to this extent for decades.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Somebody's head is gonna roll at Disney for this.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

The Mandalorian is the best thing to happen to the franchise since Rogue 1. For fuck’s sake the latest episode even had a vehicle in it that was part of the original toy line even though it never made an appearance in the original trilogy how cool is that for an Easter Egg!? I’m hearing almost nothing but bad shit about The Rise of Skywalker but that comes as no surprise to me.

That’s the good ROM fan art that’s turned up this month and by the way, the upcoming Rom mini-series is supposed to feature a version of ROM much more faithful to the classic version with mittens and all.