Sunday, April 26, 2020

Splinter In The Mind's Eye

You can read the story HERE

The first September after Star Wars premiered, I found this book at the PX at the base. I just stared at the cover of a NOVEL about STAR WARS and involved Luke and Leia on their own solo adventure with R2 and 3PO. It was the first step into a larger Star Wars Universe that I am happy I never got overly involved with. But I read this book and loved it. 

Both Stars Wars the movie and this book set such a high bar in my mind that anything that came after it had to match up or would be beneath my notice. That's the attitude I had for the action figures. There were just too small and had painted on clothing and TINY accessories that were begging to get vacuumed out of existence. 

I have read a lot of the comic books miniseries from Dark Horse comics and there is much to admire there. A lot of elements that are now canon came from the comic book stories.

I love all the TV cartoons that have the stamp of Star Wars and that very much includes the 80s gem - Droids. I have nothing but my deepest respect for the creators of the 7 years of the Clone Wars cartoon which followed the journey of Ahsoka Tano. Her whole story - from the moment she was found by Master Plo is the heart of The Clone Wars. We already know that Anakin and Obi-Wan have their own date with destiny in the near future so seeing their relationship through Ahsoka's fresh eyes 

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