Monday, April 13, 2020

Tifa Lockhart Cosplay

This cosplay looks simple but it is very difficult to pull off well. In this case it's all about the girl IN the outfit, an outfit that is designed one way by the video game designers. The cosplayer can't change it. Not even a little bit. She has to wear this exact outfit that the character  is wearing in the Final Fantasy game series. When you see a good Tifa you just know it and it's something to admire because a good cosplayer brings a computerized character to life. That is the whole point of cosplay. I have been seeing alot of Tifa cosplay on my feed this week so I had to share. I did post multiple images of the same cosplayer but they deserve the attention. The latest chapter in the Final Fantasy franchise was just released so that must be the reason for all the Tifa love online. I have no complaints about that.. I am not a modern gamer but if I was I think I would be heavy into this game experience.

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