Monday, April 20, 2020

The Return Of BEEP

When I was a kid on the base we got deliveries from the milk man. If you left the sign in the window he would bring your order, milk, cottage cheese, butter and BEEP. It's was the greatest drink, even better than that great orange drink you could get at McDonalds.

Those cartons contained Beep, a tangy beverage featuring trace amounts of apple, orange, prune, apricot and pineapple juice. The panicked customer was Matt Dagley, who runs a small video production company in Halifax. He needn’t have hurried. By the time he posted the video on YouTube in May 2010, virtually nobody else was buying Beep. Even so, Farmers Co-operative Dairy received numerous phone calls, e-mails and plaintive social media bleats, all urging it to reconsider its decision to discontinue the product it had been selling since 1962. “In light of how little Beep we were selling, we were surprised,” says marketing director Andrea Hickey.

You can read the entire story by going HERE.

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