Sunday, January 10, 2021

Maestro, We Have Found Your Honey Glaze

Does Honey HAVE to be a redhead? No she does not. I am casting out of the box with this one and my friend has all the characteristics my heroine needs.

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My great idea for a TV program from back in the day. Honey Glaze is the finest Spy that the United States has ever developed. She scores off the charts on everything. With her computer enhanced pet, Danger Cat, she solves problems for her government that only a young cute girl and her cat can solve. The two parter I am most looking forward to is the one in space where Danger Cat has to do an EVA to fix their space capsule that may or may not burn up upon re-entry to the Earth at the end of PART ONE. Then we have to wait until next season to learn the truth about their fates. Of course they both live and land in Kazakstan and that leads to another world saving mission. GO DANGER CAT!!

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