Thursday, April 29, 2021

I Still Refuse To Live In Denial Like The Rest Of Y'all

Dress-up was his finest student...and his greatest disappointment. Canadians are still in denial over what happen the day that Casey and Finnigan disappeared from the show and from media entirely. Like Tupac we were told they were living on an island with Biggie and Elvis. But we know the truth. The kid and the dog knew TOO MUCH. They knew what Dress-up was really peddling from that tickle trunk of his. Word came down from CBC brass to make the whole problem go away and that is when Dress-up saw a way to solve all his problems at once. He snapped and they were finding puppet felt in the studio months after the incident. Those deaths solved nothing in the end for Dress-up. All he did was shame a nation and traumatize a generation of children who preferred the Friendly Giant anyways. REST IN POWER - Casey and Finnigan.