Wednesday, April 14, 2021

What I Was Thankful For Back In 2011

It is that time of year when we are suppose to be thankful for all the things that are good in our world -the things we never really appreciate as much as we should. 

*Vics vapo-rub for those dry winter days indoors 

*a cat to act as both translator and companion 

*deli meats and sprouts for sandwiches 

*'The Walking Dead' is a fantastic adaptation of a brilliant comic book series and just got a 13 episode pick up after the initial six. God bless you AMC 

*discovering a new movie or TV series I was previously unaware of and can now easily download at my convenience 

*my 'Cave of Cool' blog and the purpose it gives my life 

*'Stargate Universe' - the best written and acted show on TV right now. Robert Carlyle is a revelation - 'Fringe' is a close second


*the people who follow my blog and often comment (though never enough) - I have met some really interesting fellow travellers who I would gladly fight and die with if and when the zombie/octopus apocalypse comes (and come it will) 

*the way these same people validate me and make me a better man and a better communicator 

*'Community' and '30 Rock' are still wacky and insane half hours as are 'Modern Family', 'Chelsea Lately' and 'The Middle' 

*cooking shows that use octopus as the main ingredient - preferably ones made in Japan 

*that maybe the drag that Gorden Ramsey has become on my life will mean he will go away for a few years. I am about full up with his antics. 

*my books, my music (which should be encased in a huge Gothic organ/jukebox just for the effect) 

*my mother and the TV shows like 'Survivor' and 'The Amazing Race' that we share together 

*the revelations that salsa with sour cream and tostito chips is a great snack and it took my mother 70 years to realize that - she acts like she discovered the combination on her own 

*cheeseburgers and onion rings from a no-name old time diner 

*my collection of tumblr images that inspire me everyday in my storytelling


*croutons and cottage cheese for my salad 

*the train wreck that is Charlie Sheen. You know one day he will fuck up so big that nothing can fix it - think how fantastically satisfying that will be. Same for Lindsey Lohan but just replace his name with hers and the word 'ditch'. 

*my toy/action figure collection 

*my failures and regrets that make me realize what paths or decisions I don't want to go down or make again 

*my memories of those who are no longer in my life but who I hope think of me ever once in awhile 

*Maury Povich and his 'baby daddy shows' 

*MTV shows about pregnant teens that teach these stupid selfish girls NOTHING. You can lead a hoe to water....but you can't make her think anything other than that her baby daddy will be around a month after the baby is born - look around yourself and get a grip. 

*real housewives that are certifiably crazy and not just made up crazy. 

*Tootsie Pops 

*Prison shows like 'Lock-up' 

*the brilliant captioning I do to pictures of cats I find. It's an old and honored tradition since the start of the Internets - I feel like I am giving something back to those who started it all by keeping the tradition alive. It was that or make porn and, well, I chose the cats 

*the concept of Schadenfreude - god bless you stupid videos 

*the mind puzzle that is Schrödinger's cat (Is he alive or dead? Is he even in the box at all? What is a cat? What is a box?)



Debra She Who Seeks said...

This is such a great list, Cal! But it's 10 years old. You should do a new one now for 2021!

S M McBean said...

Saying "octopus apocalypse" five times will be my new sobriety test.
And what about the cat porn? Seems a natural progression.

Tundra Bunny said...

Is it Thanksgiving already? Or just Groundhog Day again, LOL?

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

The time moves differently in my universe. I loved this look into the time capsule that is my archive. And I should do one for these days but damn it's seems so hard to find anything to be thankful for except for my own sweet bitterness.