Sunday, May 2, 2021

I Wonder If We Will Ever See The WHITE WOLF In The MCU

When any MCU fan hears the name WHITE WOLF they immediately think of Bucky, the Winter Soldier. It was the name that he was given as he recovered in Wakanda from his mental programming by HYDRA. But in the comics, the WHITE WOLF is an entirely different character. I think this choice is deliberate and shows how important Bucky could be to Black Panther 2. When they acknowledge the death of T'Challa in that sequel, I can see Bucky being one of the challengers to step up to do honor to the Black Panther's memory, feeling like he owes the entire nation a blood debt.

Introduced in Black Panther #4 in 1999, White Wolf was a white man named Hunter whose parents died in a plane crash in Wakanda. Though Hunter was mistrusted by the Wakandans, he was taken in by King T'Chaka and raised as his own. Hunter became jealous once T'Challa was born, but not because he desired the throne. He had no delusions of becoming king; he genuinely loved Wakanda and his adopted father. He worked hard to prove his worth to the king and eventually became the leader of Wakanda's secret police, Hatut Zeraze (reinvented as the "War Dogs" in Black Panther).

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Interesting speculation! They certainly played up Bucky's "White Wolf" name and his connection to Wakanda in TF&TWS.