Thursday, May 13, 2021

WTF You Tube?

 All of a sudden I am getting the videos from this guy who has the job of checking the health of dairy cow hooves. He does this by the hundreds in one of his weeks of work. He finds all kinds of bullshit on the cow hooves that is almost the equal of Pimple Popper videos in many cases. And they work with these sharpened knives that are so sharp they can shape and cut COW HOOVES. It's hypnotic like I find sheep shearing to be. Maybe the You Tube Robot is reading my mind and anticipating what I would enjoy watching bases on my love of shearing footage. What will be next? I find the whole thing to be very strange. Now my feed is WEIRD and another stupid topic for me to know more than I should know about it. I mean enough that I can make CONVERSATION about it. It's insane. I think I am going insane but not in the fun way I used to be going insane.

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