Friday, November 5, 2021

Eternals 2021

This was the first Marvel Universe film that I went into knowing the least about the characters. I knew they were created by Jack Kirby and they were immortal and fought the evil Deviants for the planet Earth. They rarely if ever mixed with the larger MCU of the comic books and that is something the movie has going for it. No previous knowledge needed but the audience DOES have a lot to be introduced to. 

The reason these immortal beings didn't fight against Thanos seems weak to me. They didn't even fight Hitler for the same lame reason. Sure it all gets explained but the explanation is too late in coming for me. 

The Deviants are a poor CGI effect that lack imagination. We have seen creatures like this for hundreds of action films. The fact that they can barely be defeated by a team of energy wielding aliens makes for a lot of repetitive fight scenes. I hate to call it boring but it is boring and lacking any spirit or emotion. The death of characters means nothing and certain plot twists have no punch to them. I just didn't care.

And over centuries you would think they would develop more than one way to disperse their energy? For example, why don't everyone shoot bolts out of their eyes like Icarus does. Or is each Eternal fighting with only their personal style? Again, it seems like lazy storytelling.

The motivation of the Celestials are vague at best even when explained to the audience. Whatever their plan is, it's sure taking a long time to reach fruition. After a few thousand years I would be wanting some answers if I was an Eternal and I would be pissed for lack of them. However it's only after 'the truth' that our heroes fight against their predetermined destiny. Again, that motivation seems weak,

I also don't feel that 7000  years has passed since they have all been together.  You think there would be more recalling of past exploits but virtually none of that occurs. No one shows that they have evolved over the centuries. It's like all the relatives gathering together for Thanksgiving because Grandma Earth is dying.

This superhero movie moves at a snail's pace and could do with a good edit. And do we need another team of  generic superheroes while the X-Men and Fantastic Four are left out of the MCU? I don't think so and for once the film sets up a sequel I could pass on seeing. I guess not all movies of the MCU can knock it out of the park.

Pass this one by. You aren't missing much.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yeah, the reviews for this one pretty much all suck. When you start dabbling in big metaphysical questions like in this movie, you damn well better have some plausible answers. Marvel is at its best with the all-too-human stories behind the superheroes. Stan Lee excelled at creating those. Sounds like Jack Kirby should have just stuck to illustrations.

Rob R said...

Thanks Cal! I’ll catch it when it’s released on streaming… after seeing the latest 007 in a theatre, I realized I prefer watching movies at home over going to an AMC and sitting through 30+ minutes of commercials and trailers while snacking on overpriced popcorn and soda.