Thursday, November 18, 2021

Star Trek Discovery Season Four - Episode 1

I am happy to report that despite the hatred for the whole concept, Star Trek Discovery boldly goes where no Star Trek TV has gone before. Those who hate the show will still hate it without watching it but those who are around for the Season Four pilot will find lots of exciting science fiction to enjoy. It even left me with a major plot twist that will have a major effect on one of the most important crew members.

I also appreciated how the denizens of one planet chase down Michael in an attempt to rescue Book's cat who they mistake for a QUEEN (as they should) after a miscommunication during first contact. 

I also enjoy the way the crew work together and how each is getting their chance to shine. I hope we see more character arc besides the main starts like Michael and Book. This episode we meet the new President of the Federation to teach Michael a lesson about how failing is the only way to learn how to make command decisions - that failing at the Kobayashi Maru is the whole point of the test - even though it is rigged against the Captain who faces the test. The chance of failing should be a part of all decisions a Captain makes but Michael don't play that Kirk didn't.

I am most happy, however, to have a new show to watch and look forward to weekly until other things like Hawkeye show up during the dead time between now and the end of January when my old favorites return. It's the worst time of the year and I am already have a crappy selection of shows. Telus and Optik TV sucks balls.


Chase March said...

I kind of wish they hadn't made her captain. But it was am enjoyable episode even though it borrowed from the OG and rebooted movies. I'm not sure why Star Trek always seems to do that.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

They have to please old school fans and care about that too much. Star Wars did that alot before Mandalorian came out and that concept is so fresh. I wish Discovery would do that and take those chances because they can do that so easily.