Thursday, November 18, 2021

What The Hell Is This Mansion Doing Outside Of Calgary?

I thought it looked like a cult complex at first but I guess it's the home of some Asian billionaire. 

Class is something polite Canadians avoid discussing. We think of our country as comparatively classless, and we manage the cognitive dissonance presented by the haves and have-nots of housing by requiring our rich people to keep quiet. They should wear clothes that are well-cut and well-designed, but not flash. Buy the multi-millionaire’s car, but paint it in a sedate hue. Wealthy neighborhoods should feature winding streets with mature trees and large lots, the better to conceal the true size of the homes built upon them.

The mystery mansion near Calgary that has everyone talking -


Tundra Bunny said...

It looks like a 19th Century insane asylum. Some people have no class.

Richard said...

I don't know whether to call that biscene or obzarre. Somewhere between a Victorian prison and a French country manor, with a little Montana Rustic for flavor.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Yeh, like I said, cult like.