Saturday, January 29, 2022

All Of Us Are Dead

I have always maintained one truth about myself. That is 'Calvin loves South Korean zombie movies or TV shows'. They make me want to be South Korean and in the middle of a zombie apocalypse whenever possible. Even though it would mean my death, I just love the whole environment around one of these features. Be it Train to Busain or Kingdom, there is no period in South Korean history that is not made better by a zombie setting. The whole culture just understands the whole concept at maybe a visceral level.

This is a 12 episode series on the Netflix. I am downloading it now. You can see the trailer in the pervious post. I will probably watch the subtitled version because the dubbed versions are usually less interesting. I like how I have to pay attention with subtitles.

I like a story that has real characters acting like teenagers should be acting and this show nailed those personalities in the first episode. We also get lots of insight into the pressures that the kids face to get top grades and how their social relationships are covered by an intense and rigid set of rules. No zombie invasion is going to be enough to change the social order if at all possible.

The first two episodes that I watched were very dynamic with the living fighting against the ever expanding army of the dead. Not everyone is going to make it to episode TWELVE.

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