Sunday, January 16, 2022

The Peacemaker - Episodes One, Two And Three

There is something about a wrestler turned actor that I have always found appealing when they are found acting in a great action film or TV series. Jessie Venturu in Predator, The Rock in all the films that he does. Dave Batista as Drax in the Guardians of the Galaxy films. And now John Cena who stole the show in last summer's Suicide Squad by James Gunn. All of those guys were game for anything and refused to leave anything left on the table when the role was done. It' comes from their time in pro wresting where they perfected their skills as a movie action star. Cena is another in a a long line of performers who are also great physical comedians. A lot of funny stuff can be drawn from those kind of actors.

With a little retro-rewriting and totally saving all the great that is in Cena's performance we start another chapter in this anti-heroes' life. Peacemaker is a true sociopath who doesn't feel for the people he kills no matter if they are good or bad. It doesn't, however, make him feel better about himself like it would if he was a psychopath. Cena and Gunn understand this dichotomy as the Peacemaker starts to question himself and his lifestyle. Its like both totally gets the joke and will do anything to preserve that joke for an audience who is dying to love these characters no matter how terrible they are as human beings. For the first time in his life Peacemaker is developing 'feelings' and that can't be good or safe for anyone.

I love the bleed through from the Suicide Squad movie. Corto Maltese and Project Starfish exists when this Peacekeeper TV series begins. That means Harley Quinn could show up at anytime. I know you don't need the stunt casting, James but toss me a bone, will ya?

Of course such a valuable amoral assassin is worth his weight in gold to a corrupt government that sometimes needs for people to die to advance their agenda. That is the reason we NEED a Peacemaker and a group of losers from the government to try to handle this one maniac. The whole situation is insane but in that insanity it all makes a lot of sense. If that makes sense. Of course the US Gov't would create a character like Amanda Waller who has a special interest in Cena's Chris Smith. And her small part in Episode One feels fantastic. What does Gunn do to get these great actors like Viola Davis to put in these great cameos? I am totally back feeling that sweet Suicide Squad version 3.0 vibe.

Creator James Gunn just keeps up his reputation for taking fringe properties and spinning straw into gold.  His sense of humor in the middle of the most grotesque violence is unparalleled since the early days of Robert Rodriquez. (From Dusk till Dawn)

I was happy to see them release the first three episodes at the same time because if I watch regular TV one more second I will take my own life. This is a gift that I will be happy to return to right until the end. I see a real interesting character arc building here as Peacemakers grows into a better person while still doing the killing, just the RIGHT people should be the ones to die. Maybe there is such a thing as collateral damage. I admit. I found the first three episodes to be a lot of fun.

But I will LOSE IT if something bad happens to the best bald eagle actor of all time. Eagly. Now doves can die. They can die by the dozens because doves are just prettier pigeons. But Eagle the bald eagle cannot die.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I'm so far behind in watching any non-Marvel superhero movies/series, I will never catch up! Who knows if/when I'll ever watch this one!

MDJackson said...

It is a completely messed up show, but it's as funny as hell! I love it!