Sunday, January 23, 2022

The Greatest Killer Bulldozer Story Of All Time

One of the best nights of my teenage years included watchng a televised airing of this great film with Tara Crandall. I could have made out with her all night but I had to see how the movie ended first.

If Hollywood MUST remake a movie from the past that is beloved by many, might I suggest this one. It would bring George Clooney back to Television and I understand that Peter Dinklage walked around with the comic in his back pocket during most of Game of Thrones.

There are two entertainment heavyweights who could get this project green lit in no time. We need a script in six weeks so we can start filming by next fall in Northern British Columbia. I also need reliable equipment. I don't want production halted at any point because of defective doozers. As producer/director/writer/star, that would enrage me and only hurt the final product.

And give me a location where I can blow things up. I WANT EXPLOSIONS to show how valiantly our heroes fight against the demon machine that is KILLDOZER.

Maybe also a dam to blow up so that the electrical wires we have tangled around Killdozer can combine with the raging waters and fry Killdozer's evil circuitry but good. Then they explode the valley walls to bury Killdozer and create a temporary dam with the avalanches they triggered.

Damn, that is good writing. WHERE IS MY EMMY??


Count Robot said...

The cover of that comic is so much more fun than the movie

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

That is why we NEED a remake.

Count Robot said...

So totally agree!