Thursday, August 11, 2022

Tales Of My People

My Grandfather was the big guy in the middle. He drove a train through the mountains and snows of the prairies. I never met him. He died before I was born and I know few stories about him. I guess he was kinda a legend on the rails for the dedication he gave to doing things in a safe way, especially with the dangerous condition they often worked in. Canadian winters are not a joke and to bring vital freight back and forth between Winnipeg and Vancouver during those months was an important job. The stories are worthy of their own movie. I found this picture in a old school library when I stole their book about trains on the prairies. Don't judge me. It's a rule that if your family is in a book, you are allowed to steal the book. Or rip the page out. I hate to deface a book but have no problem lifting an obscure one.
All of have from him is THIS boat. He built it for my Father and it got passed down to me. It doesn't have a name. Since I have known about it I have called it the Dawn Treader after that famous ship in the Chronicles of Narnia. I didn't know that you can't do that but I have never come up with a name worthy of this vessel.
It's based on the East Coast vessels of my Grandfather's youth. All his family had been Lobster Fishermen from River John N.S. He thought he would do that but somehow found the rails. I wish I knew that story.
And yes. It does float and sail. I took it to Bower Ponds and let it go. The wind hit the sails the second I put it in the water and it was GONE. But this is a pond so I could chase it down with one of their paddle boats. It was thrilling to see it just glide in this graceful arc. Fantastic stuff. Currently it sits in my Cave of Cool - another trophy of my life. I wish I could leave this to my nephew but he lives in Australia.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Very cool, Cal -- both the photo and the boat!