Sunday, January 8, 2023


The first time I saw this trailer I was so freaked out that I promised myself that I would never watch this film because of the subject matter. I fear robots and A.I. so this story is my worse nightmare. I can't understand why these scientists design such a creature with no regard for the possible negative actions such a machine could make. I would require a vocal kill code that IMMEDIATELY fries the CPU brain of this android and I would trigger it at the FIRST sign of anything hinky coming out of it's mouth. That was the first mistake they made. Now I have to watch the movie to see what other mistakes they made by unleashing this terror onto the world.

I am not a fan of horror films that turn into torture porn but this one is not like that. It is a high concept and you know my first rule with high concept films - you have to go FULL RETARD on the execution or it doesn't work. Fortunately the creators here understood what they were dealing with and have made a film that is a FUN ride. I don't mind being disturbed if the filmmakers are in on the joke with me.

I want to know the secrets behind how they created such a fantastic movie prop as Megan. She moves like an android and is just off from regular people enough to be fooled by the illusion. I believed this doll really existed so all the terror that comes off from her going off her nut is earned terror. Like I said before, rogue A.I. is my biggest fear in the computer age. It's SKYNET all over again and Megan hits all the buttons for me.

As she become closer to the young girl Katie, Megan starts to upgrade her programming and takes her prime directive to insane lengths before anyone (?) figures out what a danger she is to everyone else around Katie. Someone should have considered this consequence at the design stage but we are way past that now. Megan is loose on the world and does a freaky little dance before she kills you in creative and horrific ways. Didn't take her long to figure out how to use power washers and nail guns or the blade from a paper cutter. It's a little bit of overkill when she has the android strength to just beat someone to death.

The final third of the film really ramps up the chaos as science once again doesn't fully anticipate the danger inherent in what they have created with Megan. It was thrilling to watch everything fall part so spectacularly.

They even left room for a sequel. Check it out.

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