Friday, March 24, 2023

John Wick 4

Early on in the film a character remarks to John Wick that he will have to kill EVERYONE if he ever wants to find peace. Soon after he proceeds to do just that in glorious fashion. Stunt men have never earned their pay more. It's non stop fighting with any weapon available. I liked watching John use nunchuks the best. You really got to beat a guy in the head many, many times before taking him out using those chained sticks. 

Keannu is at the top of his game once again. His commitment to the fight scenes is heroic. This is not just a series of quick cuts. These are minute or two minute stunt sequences full of force and pain and eventual death. Each scene unlike the one that came before it in violence or creativity. It's a grand ballet of death to watch.

After another 20 million dollar bounty is put on his head, John is on the run from what seems like the entire world and the bodies just keep piling up. I am amazed again by the fight choreography that takes the art form to a whole new level with many long shots of guys taking punishment until they are shot in the head, which seems to be the only way to take them down. 

For one final time John has come to foul with THE TABLE and it's powerful and bloodthirsty new leader, The Marquis. He is in no mood to see someone the level of John Wick escape the all encasing grasp of THE TABLE and has turned THE WORLD against our hero. It's scorched Earth time. But John Wick is no ordinary target. He is the legend, the Baba Yaga and I believe he is UNKILLABLE. That is what makes the movies so great. I know he is invulnerable. He has to be, right? No way a stray bullet takes HIM out.

As John is on the run he is given the chance to earn his freedom when he learns he can challenge to Marquis to single combat. Kill one guy and all the rest will go away. Sounds like the deal of a lifetime.

What happens between then and the sunrise pistol duel is exciting and fresh and bloody. With a bounty reaching 40 million, every numnut with a gun is on the streets of Paris. There is even a game of live action FROGGER near the Arc de Triumph. Really slick stuff.

I enjoyed this one a lot, especially the ending. Worth your time if you are a fan of the franchise.

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