Friday, May 24, 2024

Furiousa - A Mad Max Saga

Sometimes you come across a property that doesn't change and you don't want it to change. Fast and Furious movies are like that. I can't tell them apart anymore but that is okay. And any Mad Max movie will center around a giant car chase in the desert that only revs up the action and keeps you glued to the screen. 

My life has room for all these Mad Max movies that they want to make. I just leave my brain in the car and enjoy the sheer destruction in front of me. You would think it would become tiring but it never does. Furiosa is a movie that lives up to everything I could ever want in an action movie. The hype is real and Anya Taylor Joy has finally reached me. She now is one of my favorite actresses out there and I actively look for her films now. He brief appearance in Dune 2 will all but guarantee that Dune Messiah will get made on the sheer star power she possesses. You got to respect that kind of ability to get great films made. She is perfect casting as Alia, one of the main character in book 2 and 3 in the Dune saga and is perfect as Furiousa, the role Charlize Theron originated in Mad Max Fury Road.

The movie has awesome cinematography but there is one sequence of chases in the desert that took over 79 days to film and you see each penny spent to put those real effects on the screen. This is a big movie with big themes and even bigger characters. It's worth your time to watch if only to see what can be done with an idea when stretched as far as you can take it.

The film was given a ten minute ovation at Cannes and it deserved every second of that acclaim. It's the best of the Mad Max movies and that alone should give you cause to see it. You deserve an adventure like this. We all do.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

I really need to get around to watching the latest Mad Max movies. I will add this one to the list!