Friday, May 17, 2024


Jerry Seinfeld is about the most safe and woke comedian that there can be. I don't think I have ever heard the F-word come out of his mouth. For that reason I have my doubts about this partially true mockumentary about the invention of the Pop Tart. It will either have some bite and be critical of the corporate food industry or it will take all that is mockable about the early 60s and go that direction. I can watch either film right now. Let's see what I get.

Okay. I just watched the trailer so I know the direction this one is going in from down the street. 

The jokes came at you at a mile a minute which for a Netflix movie is a good thing. This is the exact kind of film that you play in the background while the family is doing other things. Or it's a good choice for family movie night. Either way it's serviceable for the purpose intended. 

Okay, I laughed out loud ONCE and sniggered a bit but it was nothing to feel good about. I wanted it to succeed so that I could finish watching it. It had the same wavelength throughout. One set up for a joke, usually a visual joke, then the joke, then back to set up the next joke. I swear each scene was the same length. How can I prove that? Do I want to know the truth? This film could have had more fun with real life historical events and been more like Forrest Gump and less like what I got here. If it was not on Netflix it would have very little audience left after opening weekend. This is the ideal movie to kill with 'word of mouth'.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

I'm not surprised by your lukewarm review, actually. I never did find the trailer all that funny but I will eventually watch the movie, albeit with low expectations. Seinfeld is not a big fave of mine and I have always thought him to be overrated. I know Whoopi Goldberg called him out on "The View" for casting every white comic and comic actor going but being noticeably short on black comics except for Cedric the Entertainer.