Friday, May 17, 2024

The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare

I just started this movie without even watching the trailer first. How rare is that? I just got a good vibe from the poster and knew I would find much to like here. Henry Cavill is always great. I have a major man crush on him except when he stars as Sherlock Holmes with Miley Bobby Brown. He seems perfect for a movie like this and guess what - HE IS! 

My most favorite genre of movies is the film that brings together a team of adventurers to complete an important mission, preferably during war time or in the distant past. You form a connection with these good guys until they start to die during the mission but the mission is always successful. This one is based on a true story about the battle between Britain and the German U-Boat which makes it about 10% real but that is enough for me today. 

I enjoyed this war movie a lot. Then I realized it was made by Guy Richie and I like it even more. He has worked with Cavill before and I have always admired his style of filmmaking. It's brutal with it's killing. This is the perfect film for a Friday afternoon and a fun little war film. I would watch the sequel which is teased at the end.

 Based on the unbelievably true story.

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