Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cool Snow Sculpture Competition

When I was a kid the bases we lived on always had a winter festival. One of the events that was popular was the snow sculpture completion. The rules were simple. After five days they judged the sculptures by driving around the houses to see what you had come up with.

There were all kinds of categories for units, departments, schools, families, kids, and individuals. Basically everyone got a participation ribbon. I don't remember anyone coming up with anything so elaborate as the ones featured in the video, however.

I wish I had Calvin and Hobbes at that time. We could have been inspired to come up with some gruesome snowman tableaux. As it was we just tried to roll the largest snowballs we could to made the biggest snowman we could.

It was always a panic figuring out how to put all the stuff on the snowman's face from so far off the ground until we figured out we could do the face BEFORE we attached the head to the rest of the body.

Things went to a whole new creative level after that.

You can see the complete article on the Colorado competition by going HERE.

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