Monday, January 30, 2012


Somethings shouldn't be the WORLD'S LARGEST. This combination of gum and spit that has been so lovingly built up should not be in any Guinness museum anywhere. It's an abomination. If fact I think any public display of one's DNA needs to be banned.

I once went to an exhibit of the human body at the space and science center in Edmonton and they had these medicinal jars as large as a person. Each was filmed with disgusting surprises.

Used q-tips, pee, pus, poop, cut hair, pubic hair, plus various other body excretions in fluid - each separated into their own container. I lived in fear that one of those would suddenly break open and spill their contents all over the exhibition hall.

I didn't touch anything without Purel for a month after that and I sure enjoyed being crowded in that bus all the way home - trapped with all those germy kids.


DrGoat said...

I agree. The sanity of someone who saves old nicotine infused gum is in question.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

No so bad if the collection looked chewed and lumpy. It's the smoothing out of the giant ball that freaks me out.

Sarah said...

Do you think he ever strokes it and says, "My pretty!"?

Muy creepy!

Nathan said...

That exhibit would have been a field day for practitioners of sympathetic magic.